Dial 'M' at Olney Theatre Center

As part of Olney's 15-16 Season, I'll be directing the classic thriller, Dial 'M' for Murder. I'm spent so much time recently re-inventing classics, but for this show we're focusing less on re-invention and much more on creating a space that heightens the suspense of what might happen.  It's a world that emphasizes listening and observing every detail. I'm thrilled for the challenge.  

I'm so excited to have assembled a fantastic team of designers for this: Charlie Calvert and I have created incredible worlds for plays in Indiana, New jersey, and here at Olney, and I'm excited to collaborate with him as set designer on this meticulously crafted story. Seth Gilbert is our resident costume designer and assistant costume shop manager at Olney. He is a wizard with fabric and color, and e's going to make some breathtaking costumes for this play. Sony Dowhaluk had lit a couple of shows for me, including last year's Godspell, and she's going to evoke some haunting moods for the production. Last, for a play that calls for seven off-stage voices and all kinds of other sounds and music, I'm stoked to bring Roc Lee into the fold; Roc designed sound for National Players Tour 67, and he exhibits an incredible combination of technical skill and composition chops. It's a dream team of designers.

More about the production (and the creative team) later.